Exploring the value of wellbeing in the design and management of residential property.


Bruton of Sloane Street




Desk research

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Bruton of Sloane Street (BoSS) is a high-end residential management and development advisory business in the prime residential sector. Through its professional practice, BoSS noted a growing interest in wellbeing in residential property and wanted an authoritative research study to explore the link between wellbeing and economic and social value.   

Ultimately, BoSS aimed to help developers and investors to capture the marginal gains that could be available from addressing wellbeing and thereby to maximise capital and rental value and minimise voids. The purpose of the research study was to support their advice.

The relationship between wellbeing and buildings had been more fully explored in the office sector, linking it to productivity, recruitment and staff retention. Our hypothesis was that, if humans are more productive and happier when the working environment meets certain high standards, then it makes sense that the same principles apply in the living environments and that paying attention to wellbeing would translate into higher demand from renters and greater tenant retention.

The final report brought together evidence from a range of sources to explain the link between wellbeing and value. It included a unique BoSS Blueprint for Wellbeing modelling the components required to enhance wellbeing in residential property.  

[Wellbeing] embraces the key elements of security, service, smart technology and serenity, which are prerequisites in property decision-making at the top of the market.
— Andrew Kafkaris, BoSS founder, quoted in the London Magazine