Dataloft’s quarterly London Lettings Report demonstrates a deep understanding of what drives rental markets and the extent of Foxtons’ in-house market data.






Data analysis


Foxtons commissioned Dataloft to analyse its data on the London rental market and set up a regular publications programme of quarterly trend analysis and occasional topical market reports. Foxtons was beginning to work with institutional investors in the Private Rental Sector and advising on Build to Rent. With a long track record of letting and managing homes for rent through its network of 67 offices across London Foxtons has assembled an enormously valuable resource that could be mined for insight into rental trends.

Foxtons is a disciplined and highly professional operation and a particularly rewarding client for Dataloft. The quality and rigour with which their data had been collected and stored meant we could work with a dataset that was large, comprehensive, thorough and consistent.

Dataloft has the skills and capacity we needed to analyse the enormous volume of rental market data collected by Foxtons over the past decade and present important insights in an attractive, readable and highly professional report.
— Sarah Tonkinson, Foxtons