What price a waterfront property? Dataloft analysed 300,000 transactions to discover what effect proximity to water has on prices.






Data analysis
Mapping insight


Humberts has a nationwide network advising clients on commercial rural and residential property. Humberts commissioned Dataloft to undertake analysis of prices paid for homes located on or close to a waterfront. The aim was to establish whether there is robust evidence of a ‘waterside premium’, the way it varies from location to location and by type of water and what factors influence the extent of any premium.

We analysed 300,000 transactions completed over a two-year period and compared prices paid within 100 metres of a waterfront with those located nearby but further from the waterside. We included canals, lakes, rivers and coastlines, using mapping software with analytical capability. The findings were summarised in a publication which Humberts used to promote their expertise in waterfront property. The research was featured in national and local press and is regularly used by offices as marketing collateral.     

Our customers loved this report – not only because it proved the existence of a premium but because it was so visually attractive. Dataloft has a rare ability to make data appealing.
— Louise Guthrie, Marketing Manager, Humberts