Supplying aggregated data and insights on the origin of owners in London’s super-prime markets for Rhodium.


Rhodium Residence Management




Data analysis


Rhodium had a strong track record of providing management services in prime central London for high value residential properties and advising developers at the design stage on the priorities and demands for occupiers of prime residential property. Rhodium had amassed a considerable volume of data on property and occupiers in its market. While confidentiality is paramount in its business, Rhodium was aware that it was holding a dataset that could be of significant value to policy makers and others seeking to deepen their understanding of the super prime residential market in London.  

The Mayor of London had recently commissioned research from LSE to investigate the ‘scale and nature of overseas investment into the London residential market.’ The GLA research was intended to inform policy on the issue. We recognised an opportunity for Rhodium to contribute to this key mayoral evidence base and worked with members of the LSE research team to supply aggregated data and insights on the origin of owners in London’s prime markets. Rhodium’s contribution was acknowledged in the report.

We produced a series of three publications based on Rhodium’s database. The research was extensively covered in a number of national, luxury and property industry outlets, including The Telegraph. 

This series of three reports has made a huge contribution to raising awareness of our brand and demonstrating the depth of our knowledge.
— Dean Main, CEO Rhodium Asset Management