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Dataloft’s experienced team of property analysts, data scientists and economists provide consultancy in the residential property sector for investors, developers, advisors and policy makers. We use our proprietary software to store and explore large datasets of residential sale and rental transactions, including economic and demographic indicators. We generate a wide range of outputs including: local and national area reviews, development market reports, demand studies or forecasts of prices and activity levels.  

Dataloft has a long history of working collaboratively with property organisations to aggregate and analyse diverse sources of market data and thereby improve understanding and transparency in the sector. We can securely house a client’s own data and automate statistical processes.

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Publications and reports

Our team of designers, copywriters and project managers work closely with the analysts to distil their research into highly readable and visually appealing reports and publications, bespoke for clients in the UK and overseas. Report topics range from fine-grained local market commentary, to strategic comment on issues of current relevance in the industry. 

Publications are normally an integral part of a marketing or communications strategy and we work in partnership with the client to develop a project brief and ensure that the publication is delivered on time and within budget.

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Dataloft Rental Market Analytics

Dataloft has exclusive access to a large set of rent paid and tenant profiling data which is updated monthly. It includes over three years of historic rental transactions, with a monthly addition of some 15,000 – 20,000 new records. 

Using this data, Dataloft produces detailed analysis of rental markets across England and Wales with the capabilities to focus in on highly local market areas as defined by a client. Our reports are tailored for use in pricing strategies, evaluating development opportunities, reporting to investment committees and monitoring and benchmarking standing investments.

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