Luton show-cased for affordability and connectivity.


Redrow, in conjunction with their consultants, Instinctif Partners




Data analysis
PR content


Dataloft have created fully-designed reports for leading property developer Redrow and their consultants Instinctif, for their London Colindale and Southall developments and the new homes in Saxon Square, Luton on the former Vauxhall Motors site. The client looked to combine Dataloft’s access to country-wide property data and geo-mapping capabilities to provide insight into the local property market, with a particular focus on commute times. 

With housing affordability one of London and the South East’s biggest challenges, the research seeks to find value within the London commuter belt.

In the Luton Saxon Square report, we took as a starting point the average commute time for people working in London (46 minutes), and calculated the top ten most affordable places to buy and rent property within a 36-46 minute commute of central London. The resulting analysis provided the client and their PR agency, Instinctif, with the data to showcase Luton’s affordability and connectivity. Additional analysis of the costs associated with buying a property (including SDLT), for both first-time buyers and investors, were overlaid on the commute time data, providing further rankings.

This research was featured in national newspapers.